Tilopay offers the features your business needs to increase your online sales


Intelligent payment form

  • We automatically detect the user’s device and browser for a friendlier experience.
  • We detect your customer’s information allowing a more efficient completion of the payment form.
  • We detect the card brand and/or BIN number to offer personalized discounts.

Transaction safety

  • Safe transactions with 3D Secure for Mastercard and Visa.
  • Fraud minimization through KOUNT.
  • PCI Certified: we meet international security regulations to protect card holders’ data during and after a transaction.

Card tokenization

  • Allow your customers to safely store an encrypted version of their credit or debit cards.
  • Accept payments from cards stored through other merchants that use Tilopay through our “One-Click Checkout” feature.

Reports and transaction data

  • See the transactions of your online store in our user dashboard.
  • Generate downloadable reports of completed transactions to see consumer behavior.

Ecommerce platforms

  • We offer integrations with the main open-source platforms in the region.
  • We offer native integrations with the main closed-source platforms under the SaaS model.

Integrations via API

  • We offer the necessary documentation to make integrations via our API with your platform of choice.

Payment methods

  • Installments and incentives to persuade your customers to buy more in your store.
  • Offer your customers BAC Credomatic’s Tasa 0 and Mini-cuotas.
  • Reward your customers with miles, points, or the loyalty program of your choice (soon).

Multilanguage and Multicurrency

  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Accept payments with the major currencies of the Caribbean and Central American regions.
  • Accept local and international cards

Advanced transactions

  • Manage payments with more flexibility on your online store.
  • Make total or partial captures depending on the needs of your business.
  • Manage total or partial reimbursements directly from your platform.

Recurring transactions

  • Offer recurring payments for subscriptions managed directly from the Woocommerce platform or straight from your Tilopay Repeat dashboard.