What is Tilopay?

Tilopay is a plugin that facilitates the integration of the main e-commerce platforms with the most robust payment processor of USA , First Atlantic Commerce.

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How does Tilopay work?

The merchant must complete the affiliation process with the local FAC-affiliated acquiring bank. You must indicate to the executive if you require, 3D Secure validations and / or Kount anti-fraud screening, all supported by Tilopay.

Once the test credentials have been received, the merchant must choose the plan they wish to purchase and click the "Register" button on the site after completing the requested information.


The merchant must log in to https://app.tilopay.com/ and follow the instructions of the User Manual available to download on the account dashboard, which details the plugin configuration process step by step.

Once the plugin is configured, you only need to enter the API Key provided by Tilopay on your e-commerce platform and that’s it!


(Availability depends on which platform and acquiring bank you are using)


Accept payments with American Express, Visa and MasterCard

Payment facilities

Integrate BNPL payment methods or other financing options

Card Tokenization
Your customers can save their card for future purchases; "One-click checkout" increasing conversion and impulse purchases
Management from platform
Partial captures and refunds managed directly from the e-commerce platform
Recurring charges

Recurring charges functionality for subscriptions managed directly from the e-commerce platform 

Individual integrations for countries, currencies and / or payment methods.
Transaction validation with 3D Secure
Anti fraud
Fraud prevention system for e-commerce with Kount Command
24/7 support and continuous updates of user experience, e-commerce management and transactional security

E-commerce Platforms

Tilopay integrates the top e-commerce platforms worldwide. One single license allows integration with any platform and any payment method.

* Coming soon

Tilopay Plans


Integrates with the following platforms:

Unlimited payment methods

Try 1 month free
(Limited time offer)


Integrate with:

Unlimited payment methods

Try 1 month free
(Limited time offer, not applicable for transaction fees)


Customized payment solution according your needs and platform

Merchants already using Tilopay

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