Online payments

An integral solution to receive online payments

Affiliate your business with us and integrate it with one of the major ecommerce platforms in a matter of minutes. Receive payments locally without setbacks and with advanced antifraud systems.

Integration with the major ecommerce platforms of the region

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Transaction security and anti-fraud protection

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  • Minimize fraud on online payments.
  • Protects the merchant to reduce chargebacks.
  • Precise approvals in real time.
  • Safe transactions with Visa through Visa Secure.
  • Safe transactions with Mastercard through Secure Code.
  • Tilopay meets international security regulations to protect card holders’ data during and after a transaction.

Main functionalities

Advanced transactions

  • Manage payments with more flexibility on your online store.
  • Make total or partial captures depending on the needs of your business.
  • Manage total or partial reimbursements directly from your platform.


Card tokenization

  • Allow your customers to safely store an encrypted version of their credit or debit cards.
  • Accept payments from cards stored through other merchants that use Tilopay through our “One-Click Checkout” feature.

Intelligent payment form

  • We automatically detect the user’s device and browser for a friendlier experience.
  • We detect your customer’s information allowing a more efficient completion of the payment form.
  • We detect the card brand and/or BIN number to offer personalized discounts.


Multilanguage and Multicurrency

  • Availability in English and Spanish.
  • Accept payments with the major currencies of the Caribbean and Central American regions.


How do I register?

    Complete our digital affiliation process.

   Upload the required documents and information.

 Receive your Tilopay credentials to integrate with

your ecommerce platform.

 Configure your Tilopay credentials in your

ecommerce platform.

Sell your products through your online store

by accepting various payment methods.

Receive your money in your local bank account.

Receive online payments safely,
efficiently, and without fixed monthly fees.

4.25% + $ 0.35 for transaction

* Service currently available only for businesses located in Costa Rica.